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Scenery of Time by Tomoko Ikeda, a photographic book of her doll art collection.


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Joy of Creation

I struggle occasionally with just wanting to dress a person I envision in such clothes that perfectly fits my image. Unable to find the material with the right pattern or texture, I often have to ask him or her to wait half a year dressed only in their underwear.

My creative path is a continual process of trial and error and a consistent conversation with the person I envision. When I can finally achieve to portray the particular air I want to recreate, I feel extremely blissful.

Most of the props such as bags, dogs, chairs, etc. are handcrafted by myself.

organ dog bag
duck knitting

Feelings for Fabrics


Each cloth has its own character and nuance.

Thick cloth, light cloth, cotton, silk, lace...

Oh, this material will be good for an outer wall, this lace can be a balcony...

While I was touching and handling a variety of materials, a castle of fabrics came into being in my own world of imagination.

"Castle of Fabrics" is a castle where I played with different cloths.
Once the castle is completed, I needed a king, a queen, then a chamberlain, and then horses... I kept having fun at will, each fabric started singing.... And voila.