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About the passion for creating art dolls, difficulties, attachment to the particular images, feelings for fabrics, etc

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Scenery of Time by Tomoko Ikeda, a photographic book of her doll art collection.


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  • What are the materials of the dolls?
  The main materials are a variety of cloths, absorbent cotton, wood wool, leather, silk threads, wire, etc.

  • Where do you get your ideas for your creative work?
  My creative theme is to capture a subtle ambience or a particular sentiment that flickers in a segment of people's daily activities. So, wherever I am, in town or on a trip, a variety of human interactions catch my heart.

In some cases, an encounter with a piece of fabric stirs my imagination and I make it into a figure.

  • Is there anything you are particular about in doll-making?
  Rather than being particular about anything, I value originality.

  • It appears that many of your dolls have physical features of Westerners. Is there any reasons?
  I don't have a particular intention, but if there is a scene I want to recapture, I elaborate on it through a mental conversation with the person posing in that scene as I envision it. The features of the dolls you see are simply the result of this creative process.

  • How long does it take to complete one doll?
  It depends on each piece, but on average it takes 30 - 45 days. Sometimes, I go through quite a struggle, but when I could make it exactly as I had in mind, I am extremely joyous and feel rewarded.

  • How can these dolls stand on their own?
  Their arms and legs have wires inside. The principle is the same as human beings, and as long as the core is solid, they stand naturally.

  • How did you learn your doll-making techniques?
  In order to turn the person I envision into the doll I see in my mind, I have to proceed by trial and error, and I have acquired my own way of doing it. Case by case, I devise and improvise a new technique. I struggle a lot in some situations to get the exact result I want, but this very inventive process is also an incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling time for me.

  • How can I buy your dollI?
  At my show, the exhibited works are all available for sale. In case you are interested in my previous works, please contact me individually.
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  • I would like to learn doll-making. Do you offer any classes?
  Thank you for your interest, but I would like to cherish my own time for creatve activities, and I don't have any plans to offer classes.